Swift Codes For Banks In France

Swift Code List For All Major Banks in France:

Country Bank Name Location SWIFT BIC
FranceBanque populaire de la Région économique de Strasbourg ParisBPRSFR2A
FranceBNP Paribas S.A.ParisBNPAFRPP
FranceCaisse Centrale des Banques PopulairesParisCCBPFRPP
FranceCaisse Centrale des Caisses d'Epargne et de Prevoyance ParisCEPAFRPP
FranceCredit Agricole ParisAGRIFPP
FranceCredit Commercial de France ParisCCFR FR PP
FranceCredit du Nord ParisNORDFRPP
FranceCredit Lyonnaise ParisCRLYFRPP
FranceSociètè Generale ParisSOGEFRPP

United States Bank & Swift Code List

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Swift Code Search - Finding Bank Swift Code

Decoding Swift Code - Know how about Bank Swift Codes

The best place to find your swift code is the swift website - swift.com. Once you go there you can use the search box to find the swift code for your specific Bank Branch if you have little idea about what the swift code for the bank in that particular country is. If you do not have any clue our swift code blog is here.
If you do, just enter the bank code and suffixed country code, say IN for India and US for United States there in box and press Return. You will find the list of Branches that are linked to Swift international and have been assigned any swift code or BIC number to that branch of the bank. Sometimes it also shows the swift codes for the bank which are not active any more they are not shown in the same color as others.
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