Wells Fargo Swift Code Colorado - WFBIUS6SDEN

Wells Fargo Bank Swift Code United States 
BIC/SwiftInstitution nameCityCountryStatus

Societe Generale United States Swift Code - SOGEUS33XXX

Societe Generale Swift Codes for US branches:

BIC code Institution Branch name City heading


Banks without Swift Codes

Here is an exclusive list of banks that does not have their own swift codes but they use an intermediary bank to process their international fund transfers.

1. Most of the Credit Unions in Unites States of America
2. Green Dot Bank (Cypress) -
Correspondent bank:  Alpha Bank
Swift Code: ABKLCY2N

We shall keep updating the bank names without any Swift / BIC Codes as and when we come across them

Banks in Italy & Their Swift Codes

Top Banks in Italy in Alphabetical Order:

A : ------------
    * Antonveneta

B : ------------
    * Banca Commerciale Italiana
    * Banca d'Italia
    * Banca Intesa
    * Banca Monte Parma
    * Banca Nazionale del Lavoro
    * Banca Popolare dell'Alto Adige
    * Banca Popolare di Lecco
    * Banca Popolare di Milano
    * Banca Popolare di Verona
    * Banco Ambrosiano
    * Banco Desio
    * Banco Popolare
    * Banco di Sardegna
    * Bank of Saint George

    * Capitalia
    * Cassa Depositi e Prestiti
    * Credito Italiano

F : ------------
    * Fineco

G : ------------
    * Gondi family
    * Gran Tavola

H : ------------
    * Hypo Group Alpe Adria

I : ------------
    * IWBank
Swift Code: IWBKITMM - IWBANK SPA    MILANO    ITALY - Connected

    * Interbanca
    * Intesa Sanpaolo

M : ------------
    * Medici Bank
    * Mediobanca
    * Mediolanum (company)
    * Monte dei Paschi di Siena

N : ------------
    * Nuovo Banco Ambrosiano

S : ------------
    * Sanpaolo IMI

U : ------------

    * UBI Banca
    * UniCredit
    * Unipol

W : ------------
    * WeBank
Swift Code: WEBNITMM - WEBANK S.P.A.    MILANO    ITALY    Connected

What (Swift Code) if Bank has been foreclosed?

Here is a snippet of news about recently closed banks in US:

"US authorities closed six banks on Friday, bringing the total number of foreclosures in 2011 to 34. The largest of the shuttered banks was Superior Bank of Birmingham, Alabama with about $3.0 billion in assets and $2.7 billion in deposits, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said in a release.
A newly chartered bank subsidiary of Community Bancorp LLC of Houston, Texas, called Superior Bank, NA will assume the failed bank's deposits, the FDIC said.
The bank is the largest to be closed by regulators this year, as measured by total assets. In January, a New Mexico bank with $2.31 billion in assets was closed.
Most of the banks that have failed so far in 2011 have had less than $1 billion in assets."

Let us try to figure out what would be the implications of this news on the bank account holders if they want to send or withdraw money form these banks internationally. From the news above it is evident that your bank fund and thereof other transactions would be overtaken by some larger entity and hence you would be doing all future or subsequent transaction via the swift code for this larger / overtaking entity.

More our learned readers can add to the conversation here. Thanks

Swift and US ABA codes

I have been getting some queries regarding Swift Code and US ABA Codes. I would want to clarify some points here:

SWIFT's BIC Database Plus provides reference data for over 400,000 financial institutions in the world. It also matches on a monthly basis the national banking codes to the latest Bank Identifier Code (BIC) information released by SWIFT as ISO registrar.

SWIFT reached an agreement with Accuity in 2007, the official registrar of American Bankers' Association (ABA) routing numbers. As of 26 October 2007 onward, the ABA codes will be included in BIC Database Plus, which will cover some 60 countries and territories in total. By cross-referencing the ABA codes with the BICs, SWIFT makes it easier for financial institutions to process cross-border payments sent to the United States. SWIFT developed this unique agreement with Accuity as part of its strategy to provide the broadest coverage of national bank identifiers. So if you want to have all information together, you will need to buy swift's BIC database plus than just asking me for all numbers.
For more details please check Swift.com info page here

United States Bank & Swift Code List

United States Banks and Swift Codes  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ameri...

Swift Code Search - Finding Bank Swift Code

Decoding Swift Code - Know how about Bank Swift Codes

The best place to find your swift code is the swift website - swift.com. Once you go there you can use the search box to find the swift code for your specific Bank Branch if you have little idea about what the swift code for the bank in that particular country is. If you do not have any clue our swift code blog is here.
If you do, just enter the bank code and suffixed country code, say IN for India and US for United States there in box and press Return. You will find the list of Branches that are linked to Swift international and have been assigned any swift code or BIC number to that branch of the bank. Sometimes it also shows the swift codes for the bank which are not active any more they are not shown in the same color as others.
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