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The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is an international standard for identifying bank accounts across national borders. It was originally adopted by the European Committee for Banking Standards, and was later adopted as an international standard under ISO 13616:1997 and now as ISO 13616:2007. The official IBAN registrar under ISO 13616:2003 is SWIFT and the IBAN registry is currently at SWIFT.

The IBAN was originally developed to facilitate payments within the European Union but the format is flexible enough to be applied globally. Customers, especially individuals and SMEs, are frequently confused by differing national standards for bank account numbers. IBAN imposes a flexible but regular format for account identification and contains validation information to avoid errors of transcription.

The IBAN's primary purpose is to facilitate cross-border inter-bank routing and avoid routing errors.

The IBAN consists of a ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, followed by two check digits and up to thirty alphanumeric characters for the domestic bank account number, called the BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number). It is up to each country's national banking community to decide on the length of the BBAN for accounts in that country, but its length must be fixed for any given country.

The IBAN should not contain spaces when transmitted electronically. When printed on paper, however, the norm is to express it in groups of four characters separated by a single space, the last group being of variable length.

International Bank Account Number - IBAN

What Does It Mean?
What Does International Bank Account Number - IBAN Mean?
A standard numbering system developed to identify bank accounts from around the world. It was originally developed by banks in Europe to simplify transactions involving bank accounts from other countries.
Investopedia Says
Investopedia explains International Bank Account Number - IBAN
The IBAN number consists of a two-letter country code followed by two check digits and up to thirty alphanumeric characters known as the basic bank account number (BBAN). It is up to the banking association of each country to determine what BBAN will be set as the standard for that country's bank accounts. Currently, the IBAN is primarily used only by banks in Europe, but the practice is becoming popular in other countries.

IBAN Examples:

Note: kk after the two character ISO country code represents the check digits calculated from the rest of the IBAN characters

  • Andorra (24 digits) IBAN format: ADkk BBBB SSSS CCCC CCCC CCCC
B = bank code, S = sort code, C = account No.
  • Austria (20) IBAN format: ATkk BBBB BCCC CCCC CCCC
B = bank code, C = account No.
  • Belgium (16) IBAN format: BEkk BBBC CCCC CCKK
The last 12 digits represent: B = bank code, C = account No., K = check digits
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (20) IBAN format: BAkk BBBS SSCC CCCC CoKK
B = bank code, S = sort code, C = account No., K = check digits
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Wire Transfer and Swift Code

Why do you need to have Swift Code to transfer the finds via wire transfer all the times?
This might be interesting question to ponder about. Here is some insight into the matter from though.
Let us first under what Wire Transfer is and the process behind Wire Transfer and as to why it need Swift or BIC code.

Wire transfer is a method of transferring money from one entity to another. A wire transfer can be made from one entity's bank account to the other entity's bank account, and by a transfer of cash at a cash office. (Reference. Wikipedia)

Process: Bank wire transfers are often the most expedient method for transferring funds between bank accounts. A bank wire transfer is effected as follows:

  1. The person wishing to do a transfer (or someone who he has appointed and empowered financially to act on his behalf) goes to the bank and gives the bank the order to transfer a certain amount of money. IBAN and BIC code are given as well so the bank knows where the money needs to be sent to.
  2. The sending bank transmits a message, via a secure system (such as SWIFT or Fedwire), to the receiving bank, requesting that it effect payment according to the instructions given.
  3. The message also includes settlement instructions. The actual transfer is not instantaneous: funds may take several hours or even days to move from the sender's account to the receiver's account.
  4. Either the banks involved must hold a reciprocal account with each other, or the payment must be sent to a bank with such an account, a correspondent bank, for further benefit to the ultimate recipient.

Information for International Wires
Wires going to foreign countries require different information depending on the receiving foreign country. All wire transfer payments destined for Europe should include the SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC), International Routing Code (IRC) as applicable, and
for participating countries the beneficiary’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Mexican banks require a CLABE number in addition to the SWIFT BIC.

1. SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC). The 8 or 11 character SWIFT BIC is a unique series of alpha numeric characters that help to identify a specific financial institution. The SWIFT BIC should be obtained from the beneficiary. To ensure timely delivery please be sure that International Outgoing wires include the SWIFT BIC where applicable.

2. International Routing Code (IRC): Some countries throughout the international banking community have created international routing codes, which are used in combination with the SWIFT BIC to aid in routing the payment through a main office to a branch. Each country has a specific name for their routing code (i.e., Sort Code in the United Kingdom, Canadian Payments Association Routing Numbers in Canada). Your beneficiary must provide the international routing code to facilitate receipt of an international payment. Sending a wire without the IRC number can delay the wire, or the receiving bank may return the wire when this number
is not included in the payment instructions, and additional fees may be assessed.

3. International Bank Account Number (IBAN): The IBAN varies by country/institution. Warning! Only the bank servicing an account can provide the correct IBAN of that account and must be obtained from the beneficiary of the wire. Sending a wire to a participating country without the IBAN can delay the wire, or the receiving bank may return the wire when the IBAN is not included in the payment instructions, and additional fees may be assessed.
Participating Countries that require an IBAN:

Andorra Greece New Caledonia
Austria Guadeloupe Norway
Belgium Hungary Poland
Bosnia and Herzegovina Iceland Portugal
Bulgaria Ireland (Republic of) Reunion Island
Croatia Isle of Man Romania
Cyprus Italy San Marion
Czech Republic Latvia Serbia and Montenegro
Denmark Liechtenstein Slovakia Republic
Estonia Lithuania Slovenia
Finland Luxembourg Spain
France Macedonia Sweden
French Guiana Malta Switzerland
French Polynesia Martinique Tunisia
Germany Monaco Turkey
Gibraltar Netherlands United Kingdom

4. Mexico CLABE Account Number: In addition to the SWIFT BIC Mexican banks now require an 18 digit CLABE account number be added to the Beneficiary instructions to ensure payment. The CLABE number is required on all Mexican Peso (MXN) and USD payments sent to Mexico. The CLABE account number must be obtained from the beneficiary. If the beneficiary does not have the CLABE account number, please have the beneficiary contact their bank. Wells Fargo does not provide or calculate the CLABE.
Sending a wire without a CLABE account number can delay the wire, or the receiving bank may return the wire if the CLABE is not included in the payment instructions, and additional fees may be assessed. Wells Fargo recommends that if you do not have a SWIFT BIC, IBAN, IRC, or Mexican CLABE number, that you contact the beneficiary of the wire. If the beneficiary does not have the needed information, please have the beneficiary contact their bank to obtain
the appropriate information. Sending International wires without the required information can cause the wire to be delayed, returned, orassessed additional fees.

For International outgoing wires only: When sending in foreign currency, please ensure the beneficiary’s account accepts the designated foreign currency. International foreign currency wires are generally less expensive to send as compared with International USD wires (the Wells Fargo wire fee is always less when the wire is sent in foreign currency and Wells Fargo does not charge a converting fee; we also offer competitive exchange rates.)

Cutomer Care Numbers India | HSBC Truly "The World's Local Bank"

Resident Customers
City Banking
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SME Business Banking
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Credit Card
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Ahmedabad 98982 72424 98983 77318 98983 77373
Bangalore 2558 9595 4118 6590 2558 9696
Chandigarh 98769 22424 98769 37318 98769 27373
Chennai 2526 9595 4200 8790 4341 9696
Coimbatore 98943 72424 98944 77318 98944 77373
Gurgaon 99107 92424 99107 97318 99107 97373
Hyderabad 2335 8686 6667 4790 2335 8787
Indore 98932 72424 98934 77318 98932 77373
Jaipur 99280 32424 99280 37318 99280 37373
Jodhpur 99280 32424 99280 37318 99280 37373
Kochi 98954 72424 98954 77318 98954 77373
Kolkata 2243 8585 2213 9980 2243 8686
Lucknow 99351 42424 99350 97318 99350 97373
Ludhiana 98769 22424 98769 37318 98769 27373
Mumbai 4042 2424 6666 8890 6680 0001
Mysore 99809 22424 99809 27318 99809 27373
Nagpur 99600 42424 98900 47318 98601 07373
New Delhi 2373 8989 4149 0790 2373 9696
Noida 99107 92424 99107 97318 99107 97373
Patna 99313 62424 99313 97318 99313 97373
Pune 6602 8585 2600 1190 6602 8686
Raipur 98932 72424 98934 77318 98932 77373
Trivandrum 98954 72424 98954 77318 98954 77373
Vadodara 98982 72424 98983 77318 98983 77373
Visakhapatnam 98490 12424 98496 77318 98496 77373

HSBC Premier Customers
City Number

Ahmedabad 98983 77315
Bangalore 4118 6515
Chandigarh 98769 37315
Chennai 4200 8715
Coimbatore 98944 77315
Gurgaon 99107 97315
Hyderabad 6667 4715
Indore 98931 77315
Jaipur 99280 37315
Jodhpur 99280 37315
Kochi 98954 77315
Kolkata 2213 9915
Lucknow 99367 97315
Ludhiana 98769 37315
Mumbai 6666 8815
Mysore 99809 27315
Nagpur 98909 47315
New Delhi 4149 0715
Noida 99107 97315
Patna 99313 97315
Pune 2600 1115
Raipur 98931 77315
Trivandrum 98954 77315
Vadodara 98983 77315
Visakhapatnam 98496 77315

SME Trade Contact Centre Numbers
City Number

Mumbai 6666 8874
Pune 2600 1174
Delhi 4149 0774
Chandigarh 5008 174
Gujarat 98983 77374
Madhya Pradesh 98934 77374
Tamilnadu 98944 77374
Kerala 98954 77374
Chennai 4200 8774
Bangalore 4118 6574
Karnataka 99809 27374
Kolkata 2213 9974
Hyderabad 6667 4774
Andhra Pradesh 98496 77374

NRI Customers
Country Number

Australia 1300 787 414 (Local Rates)
Canada 1 877 NRI HSBC
(1 877 674 4722) (Toll free)
Hong Kong 852 2822 3986
852 2822 2767
India 1800 209 0100 (Toll free)
Middle East Bahrain 973 1756 9645 (Local Rates)
Kuwait 965 2223 0727 (Local Rates)
Oman 968 2476 2727 (Local Rates)
Qatar 974 432 8325 (Local Rates)
United Arab Emirates 800 4393 (Toll Free - Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain)
Singapore 65 6533 5462 (Local Rates)
United Kingdom 080 03285902
080 00851264
080 03893587
United States of America 1 877 NRI HSBC
(1 877 674 4722) (Toll free)

United States Bank & Swift Code List

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Swift Code Search - Finding Bank Swift Code

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If you do, just enter the bank code and suffixed country code, say IN for India and US for United States there in box and press Return. You will find the list of Branches that are linked to Swift international and have been assigned any swift code or BIC number to that branch of the bank. Sometimes it also shows the swift codes for the bank which are not active any more they are not shown in the same color as others.
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