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In order to ensure error-free identification of parties in automated systems,S.W.I.F.T.
developed the Bank Identifier Code (BIC).

The Bank Identifier Code is a unique address which, in telecommunication messages,
identifies precisely the financial institutions involved in financial transactions.

This identification method was recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation
(ISO). This is a specialized international agency which co-ordinates the development of
standards for a broad range of business activities.

S.W.I.F.T. is the designated registration authority for the assignment of BICs and for the
publication of BICs in the BIC Directory. This Directory lists both S.W.I.F.T. BICs ( BICs for
S.W.I.F.T. users) and non-S.W.I.F.T. BICs (BICs for non-S.W.I.F.T. users). Non-S.W.I.F.T.
BICs can be used when having to refer to a non-S.W.I.F.T. user in the text of financial

BICs are meant for universal usage and not just on the S.W.I.F.T. network.

In the following pages we will illustrate for you through examples and explanations how
to use the BIC correctly.


Branch Code

Banque Paribas has several branches throughout France.
MAR identifies the Banque Paribas branch in Marseille, a city in the South of France.
This 3-character code is called the Branch Code. It identifies a specific branch, or, for
example, a department in a bank within the same country as the 8-character S.W.I.F.T.
This code may be alphabetical or numerical. The Branch code is optional for S.W.I.F.T.

So BICs either have 8 or 11 characters. --- But please note the following :

Branches which are identified by an 11-character BIC neither have a S.W.I.F.T. interface
nor do they have a direct connection to the S.W.I.F.T. network. They use the S.W.I.F.T.
interface and S.W.I.F.T. network connection of the institution with the corresponding
8-character BIC.
In this case, BANKCCLLMAR is sending and receiving S.W.I.F.T.messages through

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  1. can anyone tell me the SWIFT code for BBVA-Bancomer in Mexico?


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